Presbyterian Music Camp



Breaking news… Presbyterian Music Camp will not happen in-person in 2021. See the Meeting Summaries (on the Website or on Discord) for more details on this decision, and watch for information on our virtual PMC happening in August this year.


A community that gathers once a year...


Presbyterian Music Camp (PMC) is a family camp that gathers the third week of August in Muskoka, Ontario.

Campers find joy in a diversity of ways, but the common thread is the sense of support from the community.

All programming at PMC is run by volunteers within the community, giving rise to a unique dynamic of mentorship.


Are you looking to develop as a musician?


PMC has something for every interest and skill level. Workshops include ukulele, choir, handbells, concert band, jazz band, garage band, and drum circle.

Niche musical groups come together and perform at meals, evening programs, or find their own unique venue. PMC has seen barbershop quartets, brass and woodwind quintents, and performances that defy classification.


Are you looking to deepen your faith?


Our community supports open conversation about faith and religion and how they fit into our routines.

Each year a unique theme is developed. Morning and evening worships dive into aspects of the theme and offer ideas to use in your everyday life.


Are you looking to spend time with your family?


As a family camp, PMC's campers come in all ages. Programming, for the most part, invites all ages simultaneously. The result is a uniquely intergenerational environment.


There's more to PMC than can fit here!

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You can read a more about us, or engage with us directly on Facebook or Instagram, or by contacting us. Hope to see you!