Grace Notes – Accents of Love for a Hurting World

A beautiful piece of music may have grace notes written throughout. When you first learn the piece, you are likely to skip the grace notes, and the music still sounds complete, even without them. But once you know the music better, you realise the composer meant the music to be played with the grace notes included. So you practise with them, and suddenly you realise you had been missing out on a whole other dimension to the music – the grace notes add depth, colour and meaning to the piece, and it is played the way it was meant to be played. So it is with our lives. We can live our lives well enough without ever letting grace in. But God the composer intended our lives to be filled with grace. Once you discover God’s grace and get to know the meaning God has for your life – the purpose of the composer – your life can become deeper and fuller, more as it was meant to be lived, echoing into eternity.

Come and join us by the trees and the lake, in beautiful Muskoka, and hear the music of grace – God’s accents of love for a hurting world – speak to your soul.




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