Board Meeting Summary - Jan 23 2021

New Year, New Ideas, New Enthusiasm!

Your PMC Board has its first meeting of 2021 on January 23 – by Zoom, of course. The meeting was well attended by people, cats, and parrots.

Once again, here are the highlights…

Planet Music Camp Survey

Many thanks to those who responded. We’ve considered how to incorporate your feedback into future camps.


If you were a person who suggested a workshop or wanted to help on the Board, THANK YOU – but now we need to know who you are! Send a message to Cynthia McMinn (

Spring Event

We want to do another on-line event!! Yes you heard right; we are planning something for late April/early May, this time to showcase all the great things we’ve been doing musically this year. Start thinking about what you’d like to contribute – more details coming next month.

Camp 2021

We’ve done the first draft of a schedule for August 2021 – next up is some early staffing arrangements, based on 2020 to start. If you agree to do something in 2020, you will probably hear from…

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