Board Meeting Summary - Apr 17 2021

Locked Down, but not out…

No pretty pictures of today’s Board meeting…the light was bad…

PMC – Back On Earth

Just 1 week to go!!! Watch for communication about the link for this event – the link will be on Discord, communicated via email, and whatever other ways we can think of.

Email your hosts if you don’t have a link by Saturday afternoon:

Camp 2021

There’s been another meeting of OCA camps, but still no official answer on in-person camps this summer, and we don’t know when that answer might be coming.

The PMC Covid Implications Working group has begun discussing our plans for the summer of 2021 in a Covid environment. While the news this week was not good (in fact, terrible), we are still preparing for an in-person camp in August. BUT, we are also thinking about what a virtual camp might look like this year, and how we can build on the lessons learned in August 2020.

If you have ideas for a virtual camp this year, we’d love to hear from you!!

Inclusion at PMC

Like many other camps, we have started a conversation about inclusion and how we can make it more obvious to potential campers that we are an inclusive community – in all areas where inclusion matters. Some of the things we are planning are:

If you have ideas how the PMC community can be more inclusive in ANY area, please get in touch with us. Lois Rooney-Giurin is steering this project (