Board Meeting Summary - Feb 12 2022

PMC 2022

Theme: The Long and Dusty Road: Life as a Pilgrimage.

Dates: August 21-28

Registration is open as of February 19! Register soon to take advantage of the early bird fee (adults $500, youth $300), and to give us an idea of numbers. Click here to go to the registration page.

If you want to come but can’t quite commit, email the registrar (Cathy Whiteside, so we know about you.

Refund policy is on the registration page; we really hope that we won’t have to cancel camp because of Covid, but the refund policy covers that in case we do.

Right now, we don’t know if we will be able to have visitors to camp. Please be aware that you (or your friends) may not be able to come for the weekend this year, depending on the Covid situation. Check the website closer to camp for information about this.

Vaccination for Covid-19 will be required to attend PMC in 2022 (with medical exemptions, of course). We have made this decision so that we can provide a camp and program you are used to, and to protect our community, particularly those who cannot be vaccinated yet. More details about this later.

We’re starting to work on the program and schedule for 2022. If you’d like to lead a workshop, contact Jesse Fegelman at before he calls you!


The 50th Anniversary Committee has been hard at work planning special events to celebrate this milestone on our journey. Some events will happen at camp, but a few things are planned before camp:

Kitchen Parties

There are 3 parties in the planning stages so far – Ottawa Valley area, Kingston, and Toronto. Dates will be confirmed in early March.


We’re planning an auction as a FUNdraiser. Details and date (likely June) to be confirmed.

If you want to donate an item or service to be auctioned, please contact MJ at with the details. The plan is to deliver the item at camp in August, to avoid shipping charges.

? ? ? ? ? ?

Some questions for the camp history:

Many thanks for your input. We’d like to have your input by the end of March.

Please reply to Angus Sutherland at

Music Camp Memories Facebook Group

Did you know this group exists? Are you in it? If you’re not, send a request to join. Someone is sure to let you in. And once you’re there, tell all your music camp friends (There are some great photos of people you might recognize when they were much younger – with different hairstyles – and classic clothes.)

PMC Wear

Advance orders for PMC Wear are now available, with a deadline of May 1. Consider this a part of your registration. The logo on all items will be embroidered with the 50th anniversary logo. Details here.