Board Meeting Summary - Mar 20 2021

Spring has sprung!

Another month, another Zoom meeting of the PMC board...

PMC – Back On Earth

It’s coming up – if you haven’t heard about it, head over to Discord to get the latest. There are lots of ways to participate. And check your junk mail folder, just in case.

Camp 2021

There’s been lots of talk in the news about opening camps this summer, but still no official answer. The OCA town hall on March 1 reinforced that there is no decision yet, but there IS lots of guidance on what we might have to do.

We spent time at our meeting on March 20 talking about what makes camp so special – this will help us to decide where we draw the line on changing our program to meet the guidelines (whatever the guidelines end up being).

The PMC Board also struck a working group to look at our programs and the guidelines in preparation for some further discussion over the next 2 months.

PMC Archives

PMC cleaned its closet and found old photos, documents and memorabilia. We are starting a long-term project to make these more accessible than a box in someone’s basement.

If you have stuff to share, or if you’d like to help, let us know!!