Board Meeting Summary - Mar 5 2022


Did you know?

The first year of PMC was 1972, to introduce the new (then) 1972 Presbyterian Hymn Book. We have planned lots of great stuff to celebrate, like...

Kitchen Parties

And maybe other locations, so stay tuned!!


Planning for this event is underway. It will be a live Zoom event sometime in June. To donate an item or service to be auctioned, please contact MJ at The plan is to deliver items at camp in August, to avoid shipping charges.

Camp History

Send your answers by email by the end of March to Angus at

Home Movies

The 50th anniversary committee would love to have a copy of your home movies to show at camp. Digital is preferred, but we aren’t picky. Contact MJ at

PMC 2022

Theme: The Long and Dusty Road: Life as a Pilgrimage.

Dates: August 21-28

Registration is open! Register soon to take advantage of the early bird fee (adults $500, youth $300), and to give us an idea of numbers. Click here to go to the registration form.

If you want to come but can’t quite commit, email the registrar (Cathy Whiteside, so we know about you.

Refund policy is on the website registration page.

Vaccination for Covid-19 will be required to attend PMC in 2022 (with medical exemptions, of course). Children under 5 will not be required to be vaccinated (since they can’t be yet). If vaccination becomes available for this group before camp, we’ll figure out how it applies.

The program and schedule for 2022 is taking shape. If you’d like to lead a workshop, and you haven’t heard from Jesse Fegelman or his helpers yet, contact Jesse at

PMC Wear

The deadline is May 1 for advance orders for PMC Wear. The logo on all items will be embroidered with the 50th anniversary logo, pictured above. Order ahead for guaranteed availability and size.