Board Meeting Summary October 29, 2022


 Meeting Summary – 

The Thankfulness Edition 

The PMC Board met October 29, and we have so much to be thankful for: 

PMC 2022 

Wasn’t it great to be back in person for camp??!! In some ways it felt like just a few weeks since we had been together. There was lots of time to hang out with family and friends, and renew relationships. Your feedback (positive and not so positive) is appreciated. We have reviewed it and will consider it more deeply as we prepare for PMC 2023. 

The 50th Anniversary Celebrations are over, but the Circle of Love song is a video on YouTube; click here for your dose of nostalgia. 


It’s official – we have our charitable status back! Thanks to the efforts of Doug Kendall and others, we filled in forms, talked to CRA, had one emergency board meeting at camp, and it’s finally done. 

This means you will get a charitable donation receipt for 2022 – BUT the receipt won’t include your auction donations, because you got (or will get) something for those. 

For those who held off making a donation until you could get a receipt, now is your chance; if you make a donation by the end of the year you will get a tax credit for 2022. (We don’t desperately need your donation, and it’s entirely up to you.) Contact the Treasurer for more info. 


We’ve set dates for the PMC Board meetings for 2022-2023. November 26 

December 10 

January 21 

February 11 

March 11 

April 15 

May 13 

June 10