Committee Meeting Summary - February 2020

The groundhog says we have to wait a while yet for camp, but we’re hard at work planning it for you.

There is progress on leadership and the schedule for PMC 2020, and we are starting to plan for the evening and Saturday afternoon events.

A lot of our time was spent on getting our administrative house in order. There are "behind the scenes" issues that require some attention: things like our relationship with the CRA, our governance relationship with the national church, insurance coverage, and emergency procedures. In keeping with this year’s theme, it's "a long and dusty road" to get these things updated.

The teens are planning a retreat March 20/21/22 if enough people are available. Please RSVP ASAP so they can plan.

Some great news - the new website is active! Check it out at

or just let the internet redirect you. We want the new website to be a better source of year-round information, in addition to the current year’s theme and registration.

And you can register while you’re there!! It only takes a couple of minutes and you can cross it off your 'to do' list. Register before May 15 for early bird prices.

Finally, you should be getting your receipts in the mail for donations made in 2018 and 2019. These will be from the Synod.