Committee Meeting Summary - June 20 2020

We’ve started a draft schedule for Planet Music Camp, and we have so many great ideas in development – things like:

There are 4 messages today:

Things to do RIGHT NOW:

  1. Mark your calendar, update your phone, and create some sticky notes for Planet Music Camp, August 23-30.
  2. Find the new PMC Website and BOOKMARK it -
  3. Try out Zoom. Have a Zoom meeting with a friend so you know the ropes. The basic version of Zoom is free to download and use. If you have trouble, ask the youngest person in your bubble for help. And if you’re still having trouble, reach out to the committee. We want to be sure that everyone can participate.
  4. Think about someone that you can share PMC with. This might be someone in your social circle, or a friend that you’ve wanted to invite to camp. Talk to that person about PMC and our plans for this year. (If you are feeling efficient, you can combine #3 and #4.)

Your Planet Music Camp Planning Committee