Committee Meeting Summary - March 2020

The PMC Committee has started to talk about the issues that COVID-19 presents.
One thing that would help the PMC committee in our discussions is knowing if you would attend PMC 2020 if the situation allows. With that in mind:
  • If you intend to come to camp, please register right away so we will know our numbers
  • Please do NOT pay now
  • We are discussing our cancellation policy, and more information will be available soon
  • We all know that this situation is ongoing and so are our discussions. Our guiding principles are:
    • we want everyone to be healthy and safe; 
    • we want to support our camp community during this time; 
    • we want to maximize flexibility for decision making for everyone – our committee, our campers; and Tamarack; 
    • we want Tamarack to make it through this; 
    • we don’t want campers to suffer undue financial hardship; 
    • we want PMC to survive and thrive.
Your PMC Committee