Board Meeting Summary - Nov 14 2020

We had another successful Zoom meeting on November 14 – here are the highlights…

Christmas Campfire Karaoke

Mark December 21 on your agenda for a Zoom Christmas special combining the magic of campfire and the fun of karaoke. Various workshop will do sing-a-long versions of Christmas songs and carols. AND if your family wants to contribute a Christmas song or story, you have until December 16 to send your video to Jesse Fegelman ( Maximum of 1 video per family, please.


We love Discord so much that we want to use it year round!

Discord has been updated, and we encourage you to check it frequently and to use it for planning events (including impromptu get-togethers with PMC friends).

You can set up notifications on Discord – and the notifications can be specific to the channels you want to follow. The instructions are a little different for each type of device, but somewhere in the channel settings, or the Discord settings, there will be a place to set up notifications. Be sure you have notifications ON for the Announcements channel to prevent FOMO.

Terms of Reference and Constitution

By the time you get this, the Synod of Central, Northeastern Ontario and Bermuda will have approved our new Terms of Reference. And the draft Constitution is ready for legal review.

What’s Changing?

With the new Terms of Reference, we will report directly to the Synod (a division of the Presbyterian Church in Canada), rather than through the Cairn group of camps, as we did for the past few years. 

Our draft constitution provides for a Board of Directors, rather than a camp committee. It also spells out how many Directors we need for a quorum, the rules for calling meetings, and voting at meetings. This will provide a structure for decision-making, particularly when there are challenging decisions on the table.

What stays the same?

Pretty much everything else – our Mission Statement; what you see, hear and feel at camp; our community. 

Your PMC Board