Committee Meeting Summary - October 17 2020

THANK YOU EVERYONE, for making Planet Music Camp the success it was!

We had some laughs, renewed some friendships, learned some new things, were reminded of some old things, and emerged refreshed for another year. We don’t know what the next 12 months holds for us, but we DO know that we are a community that can overcome great challenges together.

It’s ironic that it’s called Discord when a) it brought people together, and b) we are a harmonic, musical family. We might be in the land of paradox here… But despite the name, it seemed that the more people engaged with Discord, the more like PMC it felt. I hope you all felt those moments when it really felt like the camp we love.

After a well-deserved September off, the PMC Committee met via Zoom on October 17 to review Planet Music Camp, and start the process of planning for PMC 2021. The location and format of PMC 2021 is a big unknown right now, but the dates are set: August 22-29. So mark your calendars, because SOMETHING will happen.

The PMC Committee spent a lot of time reviewing our beta-version of the Constitution and our newly accepted Terms of Reference. The next summary will detail the changes for you.

In response to overwhelming positive feedback, we are going to use Discord through the year. It will be updated soon.

And – breaking news – we are planning a Christmas celebration – watch Discord for details on how you can join in.