Planet Music Camp

It is the year 2020. Welcome to Planet Music Camp! This page serves as a starting point for the rest of Planet Music Camp. PMC will be held on a set of online platforms, introduced here. Also covered are the events and workshops, and how they will work using these platforms.

Remember that because this year is online, there's no requirement to take time off, no entry fee, no drive, no living in cabins, so it's a great year to invite your friends!

If you want to skip ahead, click here and start chatting (make sure you understand the security policy before you share stuff publicly)!

Table of Contents


Please note that this section and the next (the Security Policy) go hand-in-hand.


Soaring in popularity, Zoom hardly needs an intro. But just in case: Zoom is a video conferencing platform that offers superior features and quality to entirely-free options like Skype or Google Hangouts. You can use Zoom in your browser or download it here.

Zoom will be used for most of our workshops and events. Links to Zoom meetings will be posted in a variety of places: here, on Discord (see below), and in email. The password to those meetings will only be sent privately. The committee will mainly use email, but it's fine to use instant chat, text, and phone as well. Don't post passwords on social media.


Another artistic form taking off is one where performers separately record themselves and an editor composes each recording into a final product. The committee has given this a go already, and we plan to use this format for things like Ubi Caritas and our combination Variety Coffee Night House.

The videos we post will be private. Links can be shared publicly, but the passwords must only be shared privately.


A little less well-known, Discord is a virtual hang-out space. If you're familiar with IRC or Slack, Discord should feel familiar. The unique thing about Discord and alternatives is that a group of people can organize themselves into "channels" and talk about various topics, without muddling each others' conversations. In our case, things like announcements, workshops, and evening programs.

Given that Discord can be updated much more easily than this site, it's natural that Discord will have more accurate information. Think of Discord like the announcements you hear in the Dining Hall, and all the side conversations.

Discord can be used in your browser or downloaded for desktop or mobile. Please use your real name so we know who you are!

Claim your invite to the PMC server here!

If Discord doesn't make sense at first, you can read our guide here.

Email and Website

The PMC committee intends to communicate as usual via email and this website. Think of it like the announcement board in the dining hall, for people who slept in past breakfast.

Please help us make sure your friends and family who want to be on the email list actually are!

Security Policy

To protect the privacy of our community and to respect the guidelines for using copyright materials, participants in the online events of Planet Music Camp must follow these guidelines:

  • Links to Planet Music Camp online events can be shared individually with family and friends; HOWEVER, links, pictures or videos must not be distributed broadly via email or posted on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media.
  • Planet Music Camp videos will be presented on a private YouTube channel and will be password protected. Registrants will be provided with the password which they can share with family and friends on the understanding that the passwords cannot be shared further.
  • If you choose to upload pictures, please get the permission of any people that can be identified in the pictures.
  • Help us ensure we know who's watching by using your real name on the platforms we use.


The schedule can be viewed here!

Program Descriptions

Evening Programs and Performances

Ubi Caritas


What would Music Camp be without beginning and ending with Ubi Caritas? We would like to have as many people and families as possible record themselves on video (or just audio if you are shy) singing Ubi Caritas while holding your candle. Doug Kendall and Ian MacCready will put it all together into a video for us to use at the beginning and the end of Planet Music Camp 2020.

Submissions due August 9th.

A detailed description can be found here.

Contact Doug at for any questions.



Campfire this year is hosted by Alison Cooper. The good/bad news is there is NO pre-recording for you to do. We will be totally LIVE on Zoom, with no second takes.

Here’s how it will work:

  • There’ll be a list of performers on Discord so you have a rough idea of when you’re "on".
  • Alison announces when you are up next.
  • Alison turns your mic on - everyone else is muted.
  • You lead your song - everyone sings along at home.
    • If your song is a round, or is a "call-repeat", or has actions, it will help if you have someone(s) physically with you to do each part, or repeat, or do actions.
  • When you are done there is wild applause.
If you are willing to be on the program to share a campfire song, please let Alison know by August 23rd.
There may be some young people who want to participate. Please share this message with them. And if you are in the same household/bubble with a young person, and want to do something together, that’s great!  
If you are known for a special song, or have had the mantle of a special song conferred upon you, please consider this a command performance.

Live Band Karaoke


"Live" Karaoke is back!! Your favourite Karaoke band has recorded the accompaniments for 6 tunes -- sing along from the comfort of your own home. Invite your whole family to join in. No need to register. Don't know the lyrics? No worries -- they'll be on the screen. Zoom link will be given closer to the date. Message Cathy Whiteside or Jesse Fegelman with any questions.

Dance Party


Have you heard of virtual dance parties? No? Well they exist and they are a unique vibe that has sprung up during COVID! The vibe is a lot like the all-ages dance in the dining-hall: a bunch of people dancing and a bunch of people watching. With Zoom, different people will be "spotlighted" for others to watch. The focus shifts from person to person, controlled by the host, for you to show your moves to the rest of the participants! The host keeps an eye out for who's ready to show what they've got next. We'll take live song requests, but feel free to post some suggestions on Discord ahead of time!

Variety House


Planet Music Camp will be premiering PMC’s first digitally mastered Variety House (Variety Night / Coffee House)! Send us your pre-recorded variety acts. Due to the change of venue this year, feel free to think outside the box for your act! Made a short film this year? Animations? A slide show of your art? Home-made TikTok compilation that perfectly sums up your relationship with camp? We want to see it all! Please keep your video act to 5 minutes or less.

Sign up by August 16th; Submissions due August 22nd.

A detailed description can be found here.

Contact Annika Broadhead at with any questions!

Hymn to Freedom


You've seen the beautiful compilation videos online - now it's your chance to try it out for yourself! We're making a PMC video of Oscar Peterson's civil rights anthem, "Hymn to Freedom". We have parts for all voices, band instruments, and strings. Children are welcome to submit voice videos with their parents' help.

Submissions due August 9th.

Contact Marilyn at for further instructions!

Show Choir


Calling all dancers and singers! Whether you have participated in Show Choir before or have always wanted to, this is the year to give it a try at Planet Music Camp. We will be performing "Feel it Still" arranged by Mark Brymer. There will be video tutorials for the dance as well as each of the vocal parts (soprano, Alto, Bass). Record a video of yourself dancing and singing along to the instrumental track and a group video will be put together by the end of the week!

Submissions due by August 16th.

Contact Alicia Pilgrim at for further instructions!

Workshops and Such


Discord links: Ladies Teen Young Adult Cocktail

There are a series of hang-outs for our different demographics. They are each held on Zoom. See the schedule for when, stay tuned for Zoom meeting links!

Daily Prayer Message


A daily prayer message will be posted to YouTube.

Holy Motion


Move and groove to choreographed songs meant to get you energized for your day. Appropriate for children and adults -- especially for those young at heart... or hoping to be :)

Craft of the Day

Discord links: Monday Wednesday Friday

Kristine Broadhead, Alison Cooper, and Kenner Jackson are preparing a trio of crafts! Instructions have already been posted in their respective Discord channels!

Photo Scavenger Hunt


Lindsay Weidelich is gonna make you take pictures of things! The best things.

Beginner Theory and Ear Training


Let’s start at the very beginning...

If you’d like to understand how music actually works, this is a very good place to start.

On Monday and Wednesday, we’ll be learning about the grand staff - what does that mean? We’ll learn each note by name, and talk about how they sound in groups (chords), families (how they are related to each other) and look at some simple tunes and how they are crafted.

These sessions will be interactive on Zoom. A list of useful materials will be available on Discord.



Just like at Tamarack, Tuck will be a general hang-out around 4PM where you can eat candy or pretend you don't want to eat candy.

Classical Guitar


An insight into the world of classical guitar for experienced guitar players. Learn some tips, techniques that are applicable to all of your guitar playing along with some introductory repertoire.

What you will need:

Please complete the sign up form by Friday August 21st.

PDF material and Zoom link will be available in the discord channel.



Each day a worship led by a family will be posted to YouTube.

Story Time


Some of our favorite people will read stories for children (and adults) to view on YouTube. We won't tell you who until we find out!

Songs for Youngsters


Songs for Youngsters will be led by Paul Miller. Suggested ages 0-6 but all are welcome. 30 minutes of songs for our younger campers and their caregivers. No prior experience required!

Beatles for Banjo


This is a 5-string banjo workshop, applying basic bluegrass techniques to a couple of Beatles songs. You will need a 5-string banjo! More details in the Discord channel!

Social Stitching


Do something creative with others on Zoom! It's like a virtual stitch 'n' socialize.



Listen to the calm, soothing words of our event leader, Ruth Anne Robertson, as she guides you to banish stress and rejuvenate your spirit. No registration is required. This would be appropriate for children, but most would find it somewhat boring. All you need is a comfortable spot to lie or sit and listen!

Bible Study


This year we will be having one Planet Music Camp Bible Study and it will be done via Zoom. Doug Kendall will be hosting the Zoom Bible Study on Thursday August 27th from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM If you are interested, email Doug at to let him know. Doug will send out the Bible passages well in advance, and send them again along with the Zoom Link at the beginning of the Planet Music Camp week. We’ll be sharing lots of discussion, different translations and looking at how the passages are relevant to us and our world today. All are welcome! No Bible Study experience required!

Preparing for Rehearsal


Continuing the beginner workshop series after Beginner Theory and Ear Training, on Friday we’ll talk about some things that you can do to help make rehearsals more fulfilling.

This session will be interactive on Zoom. A list of useful materials will be available on Discord.