Camp will be presented from the evening of Sunday, August 22 through to Saturday, August 28.


In Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, he sends a very clear message. With both simplicity and brevity, he states that faith, hope, and love are, as he describes them, the choicest of graces. In this famous verse of Scripture, the words, often quoted at weddings, and printed, have hit a chord in the modern world. With this phrase, Paul wraps up this section explaining why godly, self-sacrificing love is required to fully express spiritual gifts. He concludes by mentioning love again with two other virtues often listed with it: faith and hope. Together, these three virtues "abide" or "remain." They are eternal.

Throughout this protracted time of COVID isolation we have all needed to lean on our faith, to find hope when others around us may have none, and to respond with love in a hardening world. As a community, when we are at camp (I mean on the ground, walking the dusty road camp) theses graces are in abundance. The camp experience we often find inexplicable, is a manifestation of, the synergy of the gathering of people in the name of Jesus Christ.

During this 2021 virtual camp experience we hope you are able to reflect on the words of Paul. This is an opportunity to share how faith, hope, and love have played a part in our lives, how they have helped us with the challenge of a pandemic, and how we can make these graces the tenets of our future. 


The schedule is available here!

Anything before about 11:00 will be pre-recorded.


Aug 6Sign up for Variety House
Aug 9Videos for Ubi Caritas and Land Acknowledgements – see Discord for instructions
Aug 15Videos for Variety House due – watch Discord for information on how to submit


We’ve mentioned Discord a few times now. If you haven’t used it since last year (or ever!) don’t despair, help is on the way.

If you used Discord last year, it should be there waiting for you this year. You might need to get the app again if you deleted it.

If you’ve never been on Discord before, join with this invite link!

It’s free, it’s fun, it’s where all the cool kids are!!!

A lot of people use Discord for all kinds of things besides Music Camp, and they often want to be somewhat anonymous; this is great, but on the PMC server, please use your real name so we know who you are.

Also, a note about Discord notifications: you might want to turn these on before camp starts – either for everything, or for specific channels. In Discord, find Notification Settings on your device, and set it up so it works for you. You might also have to go to Settings on your device to allow notifications from Discord.

Group Gatherings

IF Covid rules allow for a gathering in your area, invite some PMC friends over and share the LOVE.

Remember: outside is always better, respect the numbers, mask if you have/want to, follow the rules.


With a virtual camp, there is no Registration, and very little cost…BUT

If you can (and only if you can) please consider making a small donation to the Alison Stewart Patterson fund for camp bursaries so we can go into next year in a healthy position. Our suggestion is $10 for an individual or $25 for a family, but you can donate more, or less, it’s up to you.

If you’ve already paid for registration, you can request a refund, or redirect your payment to the ASP bursary fund.

To make a donation: do an e-transfer to pmctreasurer@gmail.com with the security question: what is this payment for and the security answer: aspfund

For any other financial transactions, contact the treasurer at pmctreasurer@gmail.com

Thank you for your support of the PMC ministry!

Mailing List

We know there are lots of people in your life who would LOVE PMC. This is a great year to introduce them to all we have to offer, because there’s no

Add your music teacher, choir director, best friend to the mailing list (with their permission, of course), so they can get all the news about Music Camp Trinity and join in. Send a message with the person’s name and email address to Alison Cooper.

Land Acknowledgement

We plan to have a Land Acknowledgement as part of our opening ceremonies – but we know we are all over Ontario (and maybe even further afield) so there are lots of Indigenous peoples to include. If you are interested in presenting a personal Land Acknowledgement as part of the opening ceremonies for Music Camp Trinity, contact Anne Audet to find out how you can participate.