PMC 2022 is booked at Tamarack from August 21-28. We are pulling out all the stops to make this an in-person, face-to-face, real live camp, because 2022 is the 50th anniversary of PMC!

The theme of PMC 2022 theme is:

The Long and Dusty Road: Life as a Pilgrimage

We would appreciate if you register sooner rather than later to give us an idea of numbers. Read on for everything we know so far that might help you decide if you can come this year or not. If you want to come but can’t quite commit, please email the registrar (Cathy Whiteside, pmcregistrar@gmail.com) so we know about you.

Vaccination for Covid-19 will be required for those aged 6 and up to attend PMC in 2022, except for those with medical exemptions. We have made this decision so that we can provide a camp and program you are used to, and to protect our community, particularly those who cannot be vaccinated yet.

A vaccine is now available for children age 5 and under. A first dose is strongly encouraged, but is not required (as it may not be possible for parents to schedule this before camp).

Visitors to PMC

As of June 23, we WILL be allowing visits to PMC. There are a few restrictions:

Contact the registrar (Cathy Whiteside, pmcregistrar@gmail.com), to make arrangements for your visit, especially if you will need accommodation, as space is limited.

If possible, arrange to come on Saturday, so you can hear the concert, eat a delicious lunch, enjoy the birthday party, and spend your savings on the auction!

This Year's Schedule

The schedule is almost done; you can find the almost final version here. Further changes will be announced AT CAMP.