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COVID-19 Related Updates

(May 23, 2020)

Dear PMC Community,

The Ontario Government announced on Wednesday that overnight camps will not be allowed in Ontario this summer. Camp Tamarack has confirmed that they will not be able to host PMC in August.

This is profoundly disappointing news, but not a surprise given the circumstances. We will all miss this cherished time together. Please know that our friends at Camp Tamarack are optimistic for 2021 and they're keen to host PMC next year.

However, we do have some more hopeful news to share. The PMC committee is brainstorming ideas to keep the community connected through spiritual, musical and artistic activities on-line. We will share these ideas soon and hope that you will join us, and contribute your talents. Together we will create something new and memorable.

Friends ... keep well ... stay tuned (... and keep your elbows off the table).

Taras & Cynthia

PMC Committee Conveners

The PMC Committee has recorded a song of hope!

See it here.

(April 7, 2020)

Hello again PMC Campers!

We had a very productive meeting on March 28, talking about COVID-19 and how it could impact PMC2020.
We continue to monitor the situation, and we have planned for several additional teleconferences over the coming weeks. These meetings will allow us to continue to plan for PMC2020 while we consider new information about COVID-19 and its effects on our operations.
One of the things we moved on right away is our refund policy. It seemed like a good time to document our current process and consider some scenarios that may come up this year. The approved Registration and Refund Policy is available here.
Also, this just in from our Treasurer: charitable donation receipts for your 2018 and 2019 donations are coming from the Synod soon. HOWEVER, these receipts will be dated in 2020, and will therefore need to be applied to your 2020 taxes. We are working on getting the Charitable Status reinstated so that we can resume issuing our own charitable receipts. This, like many other things, is a Long and Dusty Road…

(March 28, 2020)
The PMC Committee has started to talk about the issues that COVID-19 presents.
One thing that would help the PMC committee in our discussions is knowing if you would attend PMC 2020 if the situation allows. With that in mind:
  • If you intend to come to camp, please register right away so we will know our numbers
  • Please do NOT pay now
  • We are discussing our cancellation policy, and more information will be available soon
  • We all know that this situation is ongoing and so are our discussions. Our guiding principles are:
    • we want everyone to be healthy and safe; 
    • we want to support our camp community during this time; 
    • we want to maximize flexibility for decision making for everyone – our committee, our campers; and Tamarack; 
    • we want Tamarack to make it through this; 
    • we don’t want campers to suffer undue financial hardship; 
    • we want PMC to survive and thrive.
Your PMC Committee

An Important Message for our Past, Present, and Future Campers
(March 17, 2020)
In the past week, we have seen an unprecedented change in our world. COVID-19 has made social distancing, self-isolation, and elbow-bumping the new normal, and things are changing fast.
It is too early to know if COVID-19 will impact our ability to have PMC 2020. We have discussed this with Camp Tamarack (our rental site) and have agreed that we will make a decision in June. By then, we should know how the situation is evolving.
Your PMC Committee is tracking the situation, and it will definitely be on our agenda at our (virtual) meeting March 28. Among other things, we will be discussing our refund policy.
In the meantime, we are continuing to plan as usual so that camp can be the amazing experience we have had in the past. Registration is open now, and the early bird deadline is May 15. We will update you ASAP so that you can register after that with all the information you need.
Please be assured that your safety is our primary concern. We will do everything possible to ensure that we have a safe PMC experience.
Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer. Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practice virtual hospitality. Romans 12:12-13 (PMC version)

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PMC 2020 takes place August 23rd to 30th!

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